The Romanian real estate market is one of the most affordable in Europe, it is safe and profitable. But in order to make good investments, you need to have experience and good knowledge of the targeted market. When acquiring a property, it is best to rely on the help of a professional broker, whose training and experience guarantees quality services and up-to-date information of the market so as to protect you from abuse or bad investments.


My name is Juan Morales, I have been living in Bucharest for more than 10 years and I am a licensed Real Estate Broker. Because of my status as an expat, I know the expectations and needs of a foreign investor and, on the other hand, I have the experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Romania achieved through many years of professional practice in this domain.


That is why, my company is prepared to offer you services adapted to your needs, helping you to choose a suitable property as an investment for your retirement, to use it as a means of making a profit, to sell or to manage your properties.


We will also help you in many other aspects: advise you on all aspects related to the purchase, sale or possession of a property in Romania, contracts, financing, taxes, notaries etc... We also offer a property management service, representing you and helping you to preserve your investment, increase its value, make the most of it and sell it when the time comes.


Should you need it, we can also provide various other services adapted to foreign investors such as translations, architects, lawyers, accountants etc... We manage investment and real estate companies facilitating and helping them to safely achieve their objectives, without wasting their time and money.



Juan Morales Jiménez


Click on the image to see our offers


Click on the image to see our offers




 We are a real estate agency specialized in providing services to foreign investors in the Romanian real estate market, we provide intermediation services for real estate purchase transactions, as well as property management services.


Contact:                                                  office@realestateromania.net                                                         phone: +40 771 543 164